Preparing For D.C.

Short and sweet here.

In preparing my gear to head to D.C. on Tuesday, I figure it’s in my best interests to show off exactly who I’ll be there to rep for on Thursday at the very least.

Those of you who have followed me on Twitter probably won’t be shocked by this, but going into my bag for the trip will be this:

Thanks to the great local suppliers (well, if you’re in Bemidji, Minnesota that is) at I was able to land a Bemidji State jersey to sport around in D.C. on Thursday for the National Semifinals.

Call it bandwagon, call it Johnny-come-lately, that’s all more than fair and extremely accurate. I won’t deny any of that.

That said, how do you not love Bemidji’s story?

They’re the worst team in the tournament (they’re not in the top 25 in the PairWise Rankings and 37th in Ratings Percentage Index) and yet here they are, two wins away from a D-I National Championship.


There’ll be more tomorrow, but I just wanted to recognize the elephant… Make that the beaver in the room.

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  1. On April 05, 2009 Kelly Schultz says:

    It's been a lot of fun living here in Bemidji these days. Everyone young & old, even non-hockey fans, have been talking about our underdogs. We had the ground breaking for our new rink/convention center on Friday, then the WCHA Commission was in town for his visit and witnessed a rally for BSU Hockey which turned into a pep fest of 1000+ fans inside our old basketball gym. It's been incredible! I can't wait to get to D.C. for the Frozen Four! GO BEAVERS!!

  2. On August 08, 2011 Dell says:

    Articles like these put the conusemr in the driver seat-very important.

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