Today’s Self-Serving Linkage

Since I’ve been going ape-nuts since returning from Minnesota and the Final Five some new and exciting things have been going on.  I was tempted to go really low-brow on how to hype this but instead I’ll just call this “Linkage With Dinklage.”

Dinklage is the man.

I’ve been offered and accepted a part-time writing gig over at Pro Hockey Talk.  Not familiar with it?  You will be, it’s NBC Sports venture into the hockey blog world.  A couple nights a week I’ll be holding down the news desk there and cranking out quick hit stories and snark for the NHL’s USA broadcast partner.

I won’t give you all a heads up on what nights I’ll be there because that would be really annoying, I’ll just rely on all of you to keep checking in to see when I’m there.  It also helps that there’s a couple of other kick-ass writers there already as Brandon, formerly of Defending Big D and From The Rink runs the joint and James from Cycle Like the Sedins is doing his thing too.

Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, yes that was me being interviewed over at Goal Line Report under Kuklas Korner’s empire of blogs.  I’d like to thank Patrick Hoffman for reaching out to ask me about hockey and about my little slice of the Internet here.

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  1. On April 01, 2010 Shawn says:

    Congrats Joe.

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