Adirondack Phantoms: It’s Official

It’s official – per the AHL website:

“On behalf of our Board, it’s my privilege to welcome these three cities to the AHL family,” said Andrews. “We are looking forward to these new opportunities in Austin and Abbotsford, and we’re excited to be returning to the rich AHL tradition and history in Glens Falls.”

You hear that Gary? Tradition and history, two things you wouldn’t know about if they sat on your face. It’s also a couple of things that Austin, Texas and Abbotsford, British Columbia, don’t have a lot of.

That’s beside the point though.

I told you to get used to calling them the Adirondack Phantoms.

As I expected, this move was being made whether Glens Falls hit the 2,500 season ticket goal or not and as of the last update at the Post Star website on Monday, the total was a bit over 1,600. If they don’t hit the 2,500 mark now after the confirmation of the team moving, I’d really worry if I were part of the Brooks Group, owners of the Phantoms. After all, if you can’t get folks to pony up when it is a sure thing… I don’t know what to tell you.

At the least, we now understand why the target date was moved up to today, the 28th. The AHL was ready to make the announcement regardless.

What remains to be seen is how long this remains the home of the Phantoms or if this is just Glens Falls’ way of auditioning for another full-time gig when/if the Phantoms get their own place in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

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