The Dawn of a New Era

This is a day I’ve long been waiting for.

Those of you who were kind enough to follow me at my now former home I am thankful to have you here with me now because that means you’re the best kind of reader – you’re the kind of reader that clicks any and all links that I throw at you and you’re happy to soak in the little slice of hockey insanity that I cook up here.

I know this summer has been busy, what with the Chicago Blackhawks not spending money like a drunken 20 year-old right wing and having their drunken right wing get into bitch fight with a cabbie that didn’t even have a valid drivers license.  I get it that there’s been a fair amount of news and that I’ve been seemingly asleep at the wheel for a good chunk of it.

What you’re looking at RIGHT NOW is why this summer has been a bit off from yours truly.

Welcome to the new sanitarium where Herr Bettman and his Board of Governors cronies come to be mocked.  If you’re new here, I welcome you warmly and with beer because as Benjamin Franklin said, “Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”  You better believe we’re going to be happy around here – I’m freaking giddy right now having this new site and new domain to kick around and call “home” now and I’ll enjoy having you all along for the ride while we make fun of Gary for having a serious Napoleon Complex and finding other ways to enjoy the incredible sport of hockey be it in the NHL or the NCAA.

Being that this is a new place, there’s going to be some bumps around here and little things that I’ve yet to figure you and if you spot them, don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail so I can get it sorted out.  Speaking of folks that helped me get started here, let me take a moment to thank Shaun Breen from Major League Wiffleball for his patience and his time in dealing with my numerous e-mail questions on getting things going here.  Let me also thank Carlene Godfrey and to Tapeleg at Jerseys and Hockey Love for helping me work out a couple of other kinks so I could get things looking great here.

Buckle up kids, training camp starts in just a few weeks.

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