The NHL and Twilight Unify For True Horror

You brought this one on yourself NHL. Just remember that this is your fault because you shared this information with the world via Twitter.

A few top prospects and current players will attend the LA red carpet premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on 6/24. Details on Tuesday.

Stunned. First you get Jonathan Toews on a music awards show to hang out with Miley Cyrus and now this. God help us all. If I catch Sidney Crosby hanging out with Lindsay Lohan, I’m quitting the business.

I get who they’re marketing to and they’re looking to cash in on a ridiculously insane obsession a popular series of movies and tag-along with the hype in the off-season. But are these fans the type we want to invite into the NHL Asylum of Psychos?

Actually… After reading that, they sound like the perfect kind of crazies to send to Philadelphia wearing opposing team gear and saying awful things about Chris Pronger.

I said on Twitter shortly after that announcement that the NHL is going to get a load of mocking Photoshops done to celebrate this kind of horrifying news and who am I to let the people down? Enjoy.

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