A long overdue update and a “thank you”

I figured it was high time that I gave you my most loyal of followers here the update as to what’s going to happen with this site. As you may or may not know by now, I’ve moved up in the hockey writing world accepting a position as the lead writer/editor at Pro Hockey Talk on NBCSports.com. This means that I’m spending my days and evenings making sure we’ve got all the news and opinions on what’s going on in the NHL updated on our site to make sure we all stay informed.

It’s a very exciting time for me, personally, as this opportunity has come up rather suddenly, but it’s one I’ve accepted with great eagerness for what it can mean as far as a career goes. As you all may or may not know, this humble little site here based on poking fun at just about everything hockey related as well as appreciating all things that have come from college hockey has been a labor of joy. I got my start with this on my own on a Blogger.com set up, deviated into the “semi-professional” ranks for a short while with my home on Fox Sports 980′s website for a short while and after being laid off by Clear Channel, I went full time into the world in the basement where all sports bloggers come from.

Coincidentally enough, after starting this fancy-pants looking page here with my own domain a year ago (nearly to the date) is when I was offered and accepted the spot with NBC Sports. To say that things have been a whirlwind of different emotions over the last year would be to downplay things tremendously. It’s been straight up bat-shit crazy.

I want you all to know that this site here is not going to go away nor will it fade off into oblivion. I like the stuff that I’ve done here too much to let it all go to waste and disappear into the ether. Updates here are going to be extremely sparse. If you’ve had this page bookmarked and checked back on occasion you’ve noticed that things were already sparse here as it was. Expect that to continue.

What will happen here is going to involve me putting away my nasty snark and saving those bullets for NBC. Hey, come on, that’s what they’re paying me for. Thankfully the Internet is still free so if you want to keep up with that, you can still find me rather easily. Instead, I’ll use this page to post my thoughts, photos and random musings about following college hockey. Next season, I will be a full-fledged RPI Engineers season ticket holder. I may or may not get to pop on WRPI radio now and again to call some games, but for the most part, I’ll be a loudmouthed, heckling idiot sitting on the north side of Houston Field House with some of my best friends both in the real sense and in the “fan” sense.

If you’ve become a fan of the Photoshops, those will be extremely rare and may only occur when I’m inspired. As it is, I think I killed all of your will with the Twilight-themed one anyhow. If you stayed with me through that, God bless your sadistic hearts, I owe you a beer.

I also owe all of you my most heartfelt thanks for encouraging me to keep at this, for enjoying whatever it is I was doing here at any time and just continuing to have fun with what is ultimately a game for grown up kids. Being a guy that just writes about said game doesn’t really make me much of anything in the big picture of things, but I am blessed and flattered and humbled to have the opportunity.

For now though, this isn’t a good-bye by any stretch of the imagination, but this site is on hiatus in the meantime. You’ll hear back from me again come September or if there’s RPI news to be had before then. But expect September. If you’ve enjoyed what I do here, come join me over at Pro Hockey Talk and stay awhile, I plan on sticking around there for a good, long time…. At least until they don’t want to have me anymore.

5 thoughts on “A long overdue update and a “thank you”

  1. Mike H

    Best wishes with the move. Your work has been great and obviously has created this opportunity for you. Look forward to continuing to follow you.

  2. Brent Hoven

    Sweet! Free beer!

    It’s awesome that all this worked out for you, and even better that you can have the pro gig, as well as a private gig to really let loose if you want to.

    As always, Chez Rube is always open for you, should you ever trek back to Minnesota. After all, we are the State Of Hockey, which has provided you a living. ;)

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